Pennsylvania Law requires real estate brokers and salespersons (licensees) to advise consumers who are seeking to sell or purchase residential or commercial real estate or tenants who are seeking to lease residential or commercial real estate where the licensee is working on behalf of the tenant of the business relationships permitted by the Real Estate Licensing and Registration Act. This 'Consumer Notice' must be provided to the consumer at the first contact where a substantive discussion about real estate occurs unless an oral disclosure has been previously provided. If the oral disclosure was provided, this notice must be provided at the first meeting or the first time a property is shown to the consumer by the broker or salesperson.

ESTEP REALTY SERVICE understands that email communications can often evolve along the same lines as telephone discussions with regard to the exchange of potentially confidential information.  As such, before providing any information to ESTEP REALTY SERVICE (by telephone or email) please read the following 'oral' disclosure of the Consumer Notice.  If you do not understand any part of this notice, please ask for a more clear and detailed explanation before providing information or details that you may consider to be confidential.

“The Real Estate Disclosure Law requires that I provide you with a written consumer notice that describes the various business relationships choices that you may have with a real estate licensee.  Since we are discussing real estate without your having the benefit of the Consumer Notice, I have the duty to advise you that any information you give me at this time is not considered confidential, and any information you give me will not be considered confidential unless and until you and I enter into a business relationship.  At our first meeting I will provide you with a written consumer notice which explains those business relationships and my corresponding duties to you.”

Should you subsequently meet face-to-face with an agent of ESTEP REALTY SERVICE for the first time and not be provided with a copy and full explanation of the terms of that notice, please contact the owner, Mr. James F. Estep, Jr., immediately to report such activity.  Jim can be reached at his office or home by calling (814) 472-6660 or via cellphone at (814) 243-0917.

ESTEP REALTY SERVICE remains committed to ensuring that your rights as a consumer are fully protected.  Please remember that under most circumstances, unless or until you formally sign an agreement of representation (such as a listing agreement or a buyer agency agreement), you are not legally represented by the party with whom you are speaking.