With the exception of certain commercial properties, during the first face-to-face meeting with any of our licensed personnel, you will be provided with a Consumer Notice which outlines in detail the roles and responsibilities of licensed Real Estate agents and brokers as they relate to various forms of representation.  Before entering into any substantive discussion about real estate over the telephone or through email, please read through this notice or, alternatively, refer to the Oral Notice by clicking here.  Should you have any questions whatsoever regarding representation or confidentiality, please raise those questions immediately upon initial contact with ESTEP REALTY SERVICE.

ESTEP REALTY SERVICE remains committed to ensuring that your rights as a consumer are fully protected.  Please remember that under most circumstances, unless or until you formally sign an agreement of representation (such as a listing agreement or a buyer agency agreement), you are not legally represented by the party with whom you are speaking.


CLICK HERE FOR THE Consumer Notice